6 Best Educational Shark Toys in Australia for Your Kids

When the classes are over and the holidays come, parents often find it difficult to keep their kids preoccupied with games and activities. Moreover, letting them watch too much TV is not going to help them physically and mentally.

shark toys

But there is a great solution to this common parenting dilemma. Why not give your little ones the best shark toys available on the market today? These playthings are outrageously fun and highly educational at the same time. And surely your kids are going to love it.

Besides, sharks are an important part of Australia’s natural ecosystem. Do you know that there are almost 180 species of this cartilaginous fish are found as native in the waters of the Land Down Under? If that does not astound you then know that 70 of these are identified as endemic to the country. This means that these creatures are found nowhere else in the whole world. Isn’t that interesting?

So it is only right to let your kids play with such toys to teach them more about these majestic creatures. Here are some of the best shark toys in Australia right now:


Educate your little one about this marine animal by giving him or her a sharks collection by the Wild Republic. This light-weight plastic is durable and highly detailed, providing an accurate depiction of, at least, 6 species. if you are worried about toxicity, you can relax because these toys are perfectly safe. All of the pieces do not contain Phthalate – an industrial chemical used in softening PVC plastics.


If your kids want a bigger shark collection, the toy manufacturer, Collecta offers medium-sized models of, at least, 12 centimetres in length. These beautifully crafted shark toys depict species such as the Great White, Zebra Shark, Tiger Shark, Blacktip Reef Shark, and Whale Shark in great detail.


Bring your child’s wildlife explorer dreams to life with a pair of Beastly Binoculars. Brought to you by the Wild Republic, this has a lens power of about 4.5 by 29, making it a great starter for would be wildlife enthusiasts. But because of its small parts, this is not recommended for kids below 3 years of age.


Spark your child’s wild imagination with a Lego Junior’s Shark Attack set. Perfect for kids between the ages of 4 and 7, this Lego set is a one of a kind. With this set, your child can build their own dojo, shark cars, and motorcycles to create their own Ninjago City. The best part is they have a mission to protect the metropolis from the wrath of the Great White. Who says that shark toys are boring?


Why choose between a shark and a robot if you can have both? From the Playskool Heroes product line, this playset has three individual action figures namely Blades the Flight-Bot, Dr. Morocco, and a super cool shark sub vehicle. The shark sub has an amazing tailfin swimming and chomping action. This action figure set is also a perfect addition to the collection of those who love the Transformer franchise.


The toy creator, Schleich also has their own collectible shark toys. Hand-painted and accurately depicted, the figures feature species like the Great White, Blue shark, and Tiger shark. They are recommended for kids aged 3 and up.

Do you like the abovementioned playthings? If you want to find shark toys in Australia, check out online stores like Mr. Toys Toyworld for an extensive list of products. See more at https://www.mrtoys.com.au/shark-toys-823